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Skilled professional with ability to analyze, design, and deliver software products based on a thorough understanding of the development process. Team leader with a "do the right thing" philosophy. Proven skills in product development activities from conceptualizing, planning to implementation.


Cottage Software Works, Inc., Belmont, MA 2000 - Present


InterSystems, Inc., Cambridge, MA 2001

Software Architect

Responsible for storage related system design and implementation in a post-relational database architecture.

Acorn Software, Inc., Acton, MA 1991 - 2000

Principal/Chief Architect/Implementor

Doyle Munroe Consultants, Inc., Hudson, MA 1984 - 1991


PRIME Computer, Inc., Framingham, MA 1980 - 1984

Principal Engineer, Shared Resource Operating System Group

Selected Achievements

Designed, led the implementation team, and implemented Multi-access for RSX-15.

Result: This opened the time sharing multi-user market for the PDP-15 product line, resulting in an additional two years of viability for the product line.

Mech-el made wire bonders. They were using PDP-11s as a product platform and were up against the PDP-11s address space limitation. Something had to be done about the PDP-11 memory management architecture. I was brought in to do something about it. It turns out that I wasn't the first consultant to tackle this job. I was at least the second and the VP of Engineering, was not prepared to trust anybody. It took a while, but by the end of the interview it was obvious that I had convinced him that I could solve his problem. I got the job and he got a solution. I made it possible for them to have an arbitrarily large application using thePDP-11 128kb memory management limitation.

Result: Mech-el continued to reap profits off of the wire bonder for quite some time.

The Radiology Department at the University's teaching hospital was trying to reduce costs and improve response time. Using a mainframe, they put together a prototype of a departmental support system that was to allow radiologists to read x ray film, report on the results, produce written reports that would then get returned to the doctors requesting the x rays. Although it worked, the mainframe and it's ancillary hardware was the wrong platform, too expensive, too big. DEC was producing "mini" computers that were small enough to put in a room in the department and inexpensive enough to afford. Couple this, with an interactive language, Mumps, a small team of programmers, and a pretty bright "architect" we had a formula for success. I was responsible for the operatijg systems. I kept the hardware running, debugged the MUMPS OS and language interpreter, and did a variety of systems and application level programming jobs that resulted in a patient scheduling system, database query engine and language for research and database optimization utilities This job was the first one where we created something together that no one of us could have come close to alone.

Result: Designed and implemented large portions of the Missouri Automated Radiology System, one of the first "departmental support systems" in the medical profession. This reduced the time to read X-rays and produce radiologistıs reports from 48 hours to 30 minutes resulting in Hugh savings of money and lives.

Developed the architecture, designed, and implemented the software for the prototype of the Hierarchical Storage Controller. Versions of this storage controller largely using the original architecture and software design are still being sold more than two decades later.

Result: This HSC product line was worth 1000s of millions of dollars to Digital Equipment Corporation.

Designed and developed a real time kernel and application for a weather radar system.

Result: This was the core product offering of the company for which it was built.

Received a call from a former client stating he had a mess on his hands. His problem was A "Just in Time" manufacturing platform with a custom OS, home grown application, and a single "architect" who couldn't seem to get along with any other software types. He wanted me to come in and take a look at what needed to be done to get the software end of things turned around. After meeting with the management team in Escondido, I met with the architect. It became clear that he was never going to cooperate with anybody else and, given the amount of work that needed to be done just in terms of professional documentation and software development, the company would be ahead of the game without this individual. I submitted that and a number of other recommendations about the software engineering process, extant software, and likely directions. I was hired to help implement my recommendations. I documented their application, analyzed their custom OS, gathered requirements and completed the basic project planning for the necessary work to be done.

Result: Project was completed on time and under budget. Company had a robust OS, well documented application, a healthy software development methodology, 800% throughput improvement in the product, a long term reduction in support and development costs, and a viable product to sell and support.

Created a company to exploit some ideas in the storage management space.

Result: Over 8 years produced many products for OpenVMS, Windows, and Linux. While the company is no longer in existence the products are still in use by our customers resulting in savings due to reduced manpower and reduced facility costs to those users.

Took over development effort for a small financial planning company.

Result: The company continued to be viable in the financial planning marketplace by being able to offer up to date projections based on real tax data, problems that had not been resolved due to internal politics were fixed and the customer base benefitted as a result.